Stefanie and Rocío

One of the round tables on our last Multiplier Event celebrated in Munich past November, focused on the coincidences between Easy-to-Read and Web Accessibility Guidelines.

The speakers of this part of the Conference were Rocío Bernabé, a researcher at SDI Munich, and Stefanie Koehler, a researcher at UAS Koblenz, who presented an overlapping between the Web Accessibility Guidelines and the Easy-to-Read Guidelines.

 In this hard work of overlapping, they found a correlation between E2R and accessible Internet standards in 35 out of 66 criteria. They both underscored that validation is the key to accessible Information and Communication Technologies.

Now it is possible to get deeper into this content through the video presentation of the conclusions and also, thanks to the book they have published (available only in German)

Deutsche Leichte Sprache für öffentliche Stellen