20 minut

Slovenian people with intellectual disabilities have a publication in Easy-to-Read language. It calls ’20 minutes’ and it is edited by Zavod Risa, one of the partners of the Train2Validate ErasmusPlus project.

The article explains the main objective of the Train2Validate, emphasizing the value it will have in the employment of people with intellectual disabilities offering greater opportunities to find a quality job for the colective.

Along the pages, 20 minutes review the principal objectives reached by the partners: The surevey, the skills cards for validators and facilitators on Easy-to-Read and the Spanish Multiplier Event celebrated in Madrid on October 2021. As the article was published in october 2021, it advance the development of the curricula for both professional profiles.

You can read the complete article, in Slovenian Easy-to-Read, clicking in this link.

Here’s the translation:

Risa is a partner in project Train2Validate.
The project is a part of the Erasmus+ program.
Plena Inclusion Madrid from Spain manages the project.

The project is meant for people who want to train to become validators or facilitators.
People with intellectual disabilities will have the opportunity to train to become validators.

A validator helps to validate texts in Easy-to-read.
They may have better opportunities for employment.

In 2021 we did a lot of things in the project.
In the survey we asked validators, facilitators and other experts about Easy-to-read and validation of Easy-to-read.
We looked for professions that are similar to the profession of a validator and a facilitator.

We made skill cards.
In the skill cards, we wrote what the validators and facilitators need to learn to do their job well.

In October 2021, Tatiana and Saša were in Madrid, Spain.
The project partners, validators, facilitators and other experts in the field of Easy-to-read came to the event.
They talked about many things. Tatjana and Saša presented the work of RISA and experience in Easy-to-read validation in Slovenia.

In 2022, we will test train validators and facilitators. The project Train2Validate will end in 2023.