Tatjana Knapp, Piero Cavallo and Fracesca Bleve

Fifty people who are Easy-to-Red (E2R) validators and facilitators are making this month assessment of the Train2Validate (T2V) training materials and the learning platform. These E2R experts belong to different NGOs that support people with learning difficulties in five different countries of the European Union: Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, and Spain.

The objective of the assessment is to check the accessibility and usability of the training materials developed as a result of the curricula presented last April 2022. Those actions are part of the actions of T2V Erasmus+ project who has the aim of building certificate studies for Easy-to-Read validators and facilitators.

Accessible and usable training materials 

An advance of the training materials was presented last November during the fourth T2V multiplier event celebrated in Munich. Piero Cavallo from SDI Münich and Tatjana Knapp from Zavod Risa, both members of the European consortium that develop the project, were responsible to present how these materials have been built.

Cavallo explains the elements that configure the training materials: A video training, the audio of the video training, its transcription, and a fact sheet which is a summary of a video lecture. The last element is a task to evaluate if the validators have achieved the learning outcomes.

Related to the assessments, Knapp highlighted the importance of knowing if its accessibility and usability are good enough before we give them out to people to train with them.

6 month left

The results of these assessments and the needed adjustments over the definite training materials will be presented in the last multiplier event of the T2V project which will take place next June in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The certified professional training for easy-to-read facilitators and validators will be available on the T2V website in September.