A curriculum is a document where the subjects that any student has to learn and pass to obtain a degree or an official qualification.

The curriculum is necessary to organise a course. It offers the information about what are the goals of each subject, how many hours each subject lasts, what are the teaching methods and the teaching materials required.

We have checked other curriculums for similar courses related to communication and accessibility, for instance, courses for easy-to-read writers or for subtitlers.

Then we have created a proposal of curriculum from the skills cards that we have obteined in the result 2.

What have been the result?

We have published two curricula: one for facilitators and one for validators.
Each curriculum includes the modules, the hours of study and a description of teaching materials and methods.

Download the curricula

SSML Pisa, from Italy, have leaded this result.

If you are interested in more information, you can contact them: