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The growing interrest in Easy to Read and of validators and facilitators in a proffesional profile is one of the conclusions of the International Conference celebrated last 26 may.

The conference was organiced by the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, in collaboration with the partners of the Train2Validate Erasmus Plus Project.

More than 150 people attended the Conference around Europe.

All of them were interested in learning the results of the analysis of the almost 350 responses gathered from easy-to-read validators and facilitators from different European countries.

As main results of the report, that will be coming soon published on the Train2Validate website are:

  • Easy-to-read is basically developed by social organizations, instead of institutions or enterprises.
  • The validators and facilitators profile is mainly feminine
  • The work is made by volunteers that have not payment or professional recognition.
  • People that has replied the survey declare their interest for courses that could be certified and the professionalisation of this profiles.

At the end of the Conference, there were an advance of the following steps to be developed in order to obtain the training certification:

  • the identification of the skills that both professional profiles must have
  • the fact that all the process must be under the ECQA certifying model