picture of validators and facilitators on E2R

We have spoken with people who are dedicated to easy reading, either as validators or as facilitators.
All of them participated in the survey, the results of which have been published in the report ‘The common methodological framework and best practices in validation across Europe’, and they have given us a few minutes to give us their opinion on their work and on the project.

Tini Mifsut

Validator on Easy-to-Read of Fundación Alas
Madrid, Spain

Tini Mifsut - Adaptator

From her experience, validators must know how to read and write and know how to work in a team. They must be committed and serious, and have a tolerance for frustration.

She considers that Train2Validate is a project of vital importance, because obtaining certified easy-to-read training opens up an enormous range of employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities in relation to the fundamental work that they do making information more understandable.

Carlos Sánchez

Adaptator on Easy-to-Read of  Grupo Amás
Train2Validate’s Advisory Board member
Madrid, Spain

Carlos Sanchez - Adaptator

Carlos considers essential that the person who validates easy-to-read texts likes to read and work in a team. Validators must be responsible, and aware of the public service function of easy-to-read.

Carlos thinks that Train2Validate project “is amazing. The European consideration of creating a certified training in easy-to-read is an endorsement to be taken seriously and implemented in Europe

Iván Gaite

Validator on Easy-to-Read of Fundación Alas
Madrid, Spain

Ivan Gaite - Validator

«Easy-to-read requires a very important effort of concentration and reflection, and it is a very enriching job that requires a training and learning process»

Despite having spent five years working on easy-to-read text validations, he feels he still has a lot to learn.

Some of the easy-to-read validation projects that he recalls the most are the ‘Prado Museum Guide’ and the practical workshops on ‘understandable Mindfulness’.

He appreciates the ​​validation work in stable teams, always with the support of a facilitator, and would be delighted to undergo certified easy-to-read training

Ángel Medina

Validator on Easy-to-Read of Grupo Amás
Madrid, Spain

Angel Medina - Validator

«I like to work in validation as a team because we discuss, reflect and generate consensus»»

He combines different activities in the occupational center with a part-time job as monitor in a school.

He has 5 years of experience in easy read, an area in which he began with training to learn the guidelines for adapting texts in easy read and carry out the first validation experiences.

Since then, many validations have been carried out, of which he recalls with special fondness the electoral programs of political parties, or the agendas of public employment calls for people with intellectual disabilities