Screen print from ErasmusPLus projects database

Train2Validate project has been included as good practice in the ErasmusPlus projects database. T2V had been received recently an an excellent rating in the evaluation from the European Office of the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education. The Spanish Office had been highlighted as added value the development of a European-level framework that leads to a certification to professionally recognize the validating and energizing people who are easy to read.

Train2Validate’s main goal was the professional recognition of both Easy-to-Read validator and facilitator profiles in a harmonised way across Europe through the design of a competence-based curriculum and the creation of appropriate training materials.

Train2Validate, coordinated by Plena Inclusion Madrid in an international consortium made up of three universities, SDI Münich, UPT Timisoara and SSML Pisa, a certification company, ECQA, and another non-profit entity supporting people with disabilities, Zavod Risa, presented in the month June and after three years of work, the platform and contents of the certified training for validators and facilitators are easy to read, accessible through Google Classroom and the project website.

The evaluation of the project has taken into account the achievement of the planned results and their relevance, as well as aspects related to cooperation, quality, dissemination and the impact achieved. Its results, according to the evaluation report, are characterized by quality, innovation, and high transferability and highlight its relevance, communicative impact and its impact among participating organizations, beneficiaries, the scientific community and public administrations and in different geographical levels.

The consortium has received this assessment with great satisfaction.