For an easy-to-read Internet. MUltiplier Event 4. november, 3rd. Munich, Germany

The Internet is an integral part of our lives. However, the content is still not accessible to everyone, especially those with reading difficulties.

At our upcoming event on November 3rd, we will discuss with experts how Easy-to-Read can contribute to the Internet for all.

We will start looking at the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and move then to a round table with facilitators, researchers, representatives of end-users associations, and an expert in user experience.

Lastly, we will dare a leap to the topic of artificial intelligence and Easy-to-Read


In SDI campus in Munich, Germany (See how to get there)


In November 3rd, 2022

We will also introduce the work for result 5 and 6, that is, the evaluation of the materials for facilitators and validators and the certification of the courses.

Who is going to organise it?

SDI Munich, from Germany, will organise this event.

If you are interested in more information, you can contact them:

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