Planeta Fácil

Planeta Fácil TV is a tv Show that is broadcast in Spain trough Internet.

This tv show is driven by a man and a woman with intellectual disabilities, and supported by Plena Inclusión Spain and the press agency Servimedia.

A team of Planeta Fácil TV moves to the Ceapat, the place where took place the second Multiplier Event of Train2Validate Erasmus Plus Program.

The event was named ‘Skills Cards for new professional roles: esasy-to-read validators and facilitators’.

Planeta Fácil speaks with some participants of Train2Validate project.

  • Fernando Plaza. Fernando is a person with intellecutal disabilies. He is validator of easy-to-read. Fenando belongs to Pinto Asociation in Madrid, Spain.
  • Maria José Sánchez. She is facilitator of easy-to-read. As Fernando, María José belongs to Pinto Asociation in Madrid, Spain.
  • Tatjana Knapp. She’s the director of Zavod Risa, an NGO that work with people with intellectual disabilities in Slovenia.
  • Óscar García. He’s responsible of cognitive accesibility in Plena Inclusión Madrid, and coordinates Train2Validate project.