Train2Validate is the short name for the European project “Professional training for easy-to-read facilitators and validators”.

What is easy-to-read?

Easy-to-read is a methodology for creating comprehensible texts for people with reading difficulties.

There are many people that have difficulties in understanding texts, for instance, people with intellectual disabilities, elderly, people with dyslexia or recent immigrants.

These people need easy-to-read texts that follow some specific rules called guidelines.

For instance, an easy-to-read text use simple sentences and common words.

How is an easy-to-read text created?

There are three roles of people that take part to create an easy-to-read text:

  • Writers: they write the texts following the writing guidelines.
  • Validators: they are people with reading difficulties who check whether the easy-to-read texts are easy to understand.
  • Facilitators: they are supporters that help validators organise and develop their job.

What is the aim of Train2Validate?

Train2Validate has the aim of building certificate studies for easy-to-read validators and facilitators.

At the end of the project, we are going to publish:

  • A study about how are the current studies for validators and facilitators.
  • The skills that validators and facilitators should develop to do their job.
  • The curriculum, that means, the subjects that they have to learn.
  • The resources that they should study to learn about their jobs, for instance, guides, Power Point presentations.
    We are going to validate the resources to check that they are comprehensible for the validators trainees.
  • The possible certification of these courses, that means, a way to obtain an official qualification.
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Who are going to work on this project?

There are 6 partners to develop this project.

2 non-profit organisations:

  • Plena Inclusión Madrid, from Spain
  • Zavod RISA, from Slovenia

3 universities:

  • Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara, from Romania
  • SDI Munich, from Germany
  • SSML Pisa, from Italy

A company specialised in training certification:

  • ECQA, from Austria

How long does this project last?
The project will last 3 years, from September, 1st, 2020 to August, 31st, 2023.

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