Students need materials to learn the subjects in a course. These materials can be guides, Power Point presentations, videos, exercises or exams. There are several kind of resources.
These resources have to be suitable for the students’ needs, for instance, they have to talk about the matters with a clear language and be organised to learn them easily. There could be also the need to include guidelines for teachers to advise them how to teach the subjects with these materials.

What are we going to do?
We are going to create training and students’ materials for facilitators and validators.
These materials will explain all the subjects widely and will be in different formats, for instance, texts or presentations.
We will develop our materials as open resources, that means that these materials are free.
But the persons who use the materials to create a course for facilitators and validators have to mention that we have created them.

What will be the result?
We are going to create the training materials for facilitators in English.
We are going to create the training materials for validators in English, German, Italian, Romanian, Slovene and Spanish. We will also create Trainers’ Guides to explain the teachers how to use the materials and reach the learning goals.
We will contact training centres, universities and educational platforms to show these materials.

Who is going to lead this result?
SDI Munich, from Germany, will lead this result.
If you are interested in more information, you can contact them: