We are going to create a course for people with reading difficulties who want to be validators. It is necessary to test that the materials for the course are suitable and understandable for them.
We want that our materials are useful and the students are successful learning them.

What are we going to do?
We are going to test the materials with different groups of people with reading difficulties. We also test the materials for facilitators.
We will upload the materials in a web platform and some students will follow the course that we have created. We will check what works and what we have to improve.

What will be the result?
We will obtain different tools and solutions to evaluate if the students learn the subjects properly.
We will also propose recommendations about how to use these evaluation tools and solutions.

Who is going to lead this result?
Fundatia Professional, from Romania, will lead this result.
If you are interested in more information, you can contact them: angelacotoara@train2validate.org