The project has the aim to create a certified course for validators and facilitators. There are some courses for facilitators and validators, but without an official certification. A certified course is important, because companies look for workers with certified studies. A certified course is also a guarantee that this course follows a proper methodology.

What are we going to do?
We are going to work on a certified course for validators and facilitators in two ways:

  1. We will check that every step of the creation of the course is certified. For instance, the skills card, the curriculum and the training materials will be certified. That means that these results follow a methodology and that there is an institution that check that we follow this methodology. This institution is the company ECQA.
  2. We will propose solutions to create certified courses for facilitators and validators in Europe. We will compare the possibilities with other similar courses.

What will be the result?
There are two main results:
1. All the results will be certified.
2. We will publish a report to explain the possibilities of creating a certified course with our materials for facilitators and validators.

Who is going to lead this result?
ECQA, from Austria, will lead this result.
If you are interested in more information, you can contact them: