The current training of facilitators and validators

The first public action of the project is a Survey targeting to validators and facilitators of Easy to Read.

Train2Validate has analysed the data from the 350 surveyes received.

This comparative report, led by the Polytechnic University of Timisoara (Romania), unveils that two thirds of the total respondents have some training in E2R, although there are not official courses.

Also, around a 60% are interested in being trained in other E2R field in which they don’t have any knowledge.

These data are consistent with the answers related to a possible official and certified training: a 70% think that they need better skills and knowledge, a 78% would likely or very likely enrol in such programmes and a 90% would likely or very likely recommend them to their peers.

These results support the aim of Train2Validate, which consists of creating a professional training for E2R validators and facilitators.


The skills that facilitators and validators need

A skill is an ability that somebody needs to do something.

The survey from the result 1 will give us information about the skills that facilitators and validators need for their jobs.

We need to organise them to build a curriculum afterwards.

A curriculum is a document where stands the subjects that a student has to learn in a course.

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The curriculum that facilitator and validators should study

A curriculum is a document where stands the subjects that any student has to learn and pass to obtain a degree or an official qualification.

A curriculum is necessary to organise a course. A curriculum offers the information about what are the goals of each subject, how many hours each subject last, what are the teaching methods and the teaching materials required.

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The materials for the courses

Students need materials to learn the subjects in a course. These materials can be guides, Power Point presentations, videos, exercises or exams. There are several kind of resources.

These resources have to be suitable for the students’ needs, for instance, they have to talk about the matters with a clear language and be organised to learn them easily. There could be also the need to include guidelines for teachers to advise them how to teach the subjects with these materials.

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The evaluation of the materials

We are going to create a course for people with reading difficulties who want to be validators. It is necessary to test that the materials for the course are suitable and understandable for them.

We want that our materials are useful and the students are successful learning them.

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The certification of the training

The project has the aim to create a certified course for validators and facilitators. There are some courses for facilitators and validators, but without an official certification. A certified course is important, because companies look for workers with certified studies. A certified course is also a guarantee that this course follows a proper methodology.

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