Train2validate dissemination

Responsibles of Train2Validate’s EuropeanPlus project in different European countries have been high work weeks to disseminate the main goals and the principal intellectual output reached by the project.

In Madrid, Óscar García, from Plena Inclusión Madrid, presented to the LaSalle Universal Design Consultative Committee the objectives of the project and some of the results: The status of the training programs for Easy-to-Read validators and facilitators, the skills cards, and the curricula.

Carlo Eugeni, from SSML PISA, for its parts, made the same in Rome, during the celebrating of the multiplier Event of Acceasy: Easy-to-Read, Easy to Acces, in which participates ASpanias Burgos. Its goal is to promote a European and inclusive heritage for people with learning and cognitive disabilities.

In the north of Romania, Cluj-Napoca, took place the third of the events in which Train2Validate has been represented. It was Angela Cotoara from Fundatia Professional who presented the project to responsible of the European Association for Quality Language Services during its National Conference