Best Practice

Train2Validate, the project to build a certified training for Easy-to-Read validators and facilitators has been awarded as best practice in the International Congress on Cognitive Accessibility celebrated in Badajoz (Spain) the 16th and 17th March.

The congress, organised by the Spanish Centre for Cognitive Accessibility, has been the hub for exchanging knowledge, practices and experiences around cognitive accessibility. In this event, Train2Validate General Project Manager Óscar García, from Plena Inclusión Madrid, presented the main steps and results of the Erasmus+ project led by Plena Inclusión Madrid to the audience.

The Congress attracted experts and specialists in the field, with round tables about technology with representatives from Microsoft, IBM and UPM; different stakeholders and beneficiaries, such as brain damage, migrants and gypsy community; and innovation, with participants from Fundación ONCE, the University of Sevilla and Tecsos Fundation for technology.