Jumps the ocean

Train2Validate, the Erasmus+ project that aims to create certified training courses for Easy-to-Read validators and facilitators, has disseminated its activities in Latin America by organizing a webinar for stakeholders.

Around 20 people attended the webinar from Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina. All participants work or are connected with associations and institutions related to Easy-to-Read services, reading facilitation, and education.

In the webinar, Óscar García Muñoz, Train2Validate General Project Manager, described the main goals of the project and the steps done to achieve the expected results. He pointed out that the training courses will be ready soon in English and that the Spanish version will be partly available at the end of the project and fully available in the first quarter of 2024, thanks to the support of the Madrid Regional Government, that will fund part of the translations from English into Spanish.

Attendants highlighted the relevance of the Train2Validate courses for the evolution of the quality of Easy-to-Read content and for an employment position for persons with intellectual disabilities. Additionally, they shared their experiences in Latin America with Easy-to-Read content. In all, everyone agreed on the importance of such projects for a more inclusive society.