Europe's Easy-to-Read validators: Embarking on an Adventure!

Train2Validate project will come to its end and will celebrate for this purpose its last event in Slovenia the 22nd June. Under the title ‘Europe’s Easy-to-Read validators: embarking on an adventure!’ the partners of this Erasmus+ project will present the results of these three years of work, showing the full platform created in Google Classroom with all uploaded learning materials for the English training for Easy-to-Read validators and facilitators.

Óscar García Muñoz, General Project Manager of the Train2Validate project, from Plena Inclusión Madrid, has said that the project is a milestone in the professionalisation of Easy-to-Read and create new specialised employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. He also thinks that the project will impact in the quality of the final Easy-to-Read publications and increase the awareness of this solution for a more inclusive European society.

Tatjana Knapp, partner leader from Zavod RISA, has expressed gladness and pride that the final event is to be held in Slovenia, where people with intellectual disabilities do not, as is the case in most EU countries, have many possibilities and opportunities for professional training and employment. „It is a journey”, she emphasizes, „and we need to celebrate this milestone with sincere dedication to implementing the project results that are now available”

Gather the main actors of the Easy-to-Read in Europe

The event will host Milan Šveřepa, General Director of Inclusion Europe, and Sandra Marques, responsible for Innovation, Innovation and Development in Fenacerci Portugal. They will address the audience at the beginning to highlight the importance of creating new professional profiles for people with intellectual disabilities related to Easy-to-Read. The keynote of the event will be held by Ulla Bohman, consultant of Easy-to-Read from Sweden and a person with a long career in the field, with a relevant role in today’s disappeared Swedish Easy-to-Read Centre.

Easy-to-Read validators and facilitators are the main beneficiaries of the project.  They will participate in a round table to share their impressions about certified training and the new opportunities that Train2Validate open for them. After that, the project partners will share a project overview and show the main last results: the learning materials in all accessible formats, the Google platform for the courses in English, and the creation of the specific platforms in the national languages (German, Italian, Romania, Slovene and Spanish), the results of the testing with final users and the certification pathways that the project proposes for both professional roles.

Elisa Perego, the University of Trieste professor, will hold the closing conference. Perego has participated in the Erasmus+ project EASIT (training for Easy-to-Read writers), participates currently in the Erasmus+ project SELSI (research and recommendations for easy oral communication), and is member of the Train2Validate Advisory Board. With her overview of the three projects, she will point the importance of easy communication, and training and highlight common points of the three projects to achieve a more inclusive society.